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  • Alexandre Pereira

    Alexandre Pereira

    Serial entrepreneur passionate about digital transformation, startups, innovation and technology.

  • Rahil Sarvaiya

    Rahil Sarvaiya

    Software Developer who loves fitness and reading. I write about the topics I wish I had more information on in the past.

  • TheMogul Dev

    TheMogul Dev

    Entrepreneur | Developer | Designer

  • Lopes Charmingman

    Lopes Charmingman

    A poet happily lost in the world of Finance. Studying Finance and Accounting.

  • Beck Chen

    Beck Chen

    Software dude, violinist, watch-modding enthusiast. Currently residing in Tokyo

  • Sathyam Vellal

    Sathyam Vellal

    Music, Food and Code - The three dimensions to my world.

  • Lablonde Juliette Kalalizi

    Lablonde Juliette Kalalizi

    Final Year Software Development Student and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. Writer and youTuber on everything that matters. Tech & leadership Enthusiast.

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