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Grow an online presence to quit your 9–5 job

I recently understood the importance of having a good online presence and how it can change your life by providing you with lot of opportunities you had never imagined and help you make a living by doing what you love.

When I realised this it came as a surprise to me that there were not many articles or videos out there on the internet which explain the importance of having online presence for individuals. There are many articles which talk about online presence for companies. But very few for individuals.

Having been in the process of building an online presence…

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Making money on the internet is easy, let’s get you started

I wanted to make money on the internet for years, but I didn’t know how to get started.

Being a Software Developer is like a super power. The skill provides abundant opportunities to make money on the internet. You can literally change your life with this one skill. Although most of us learn how to code & build software as part of academia and then work in big MNCs, we still don’t know the endless possibilities the skill offers.

In this article I’ll share the 6 different ways I make money from and how can do it too.

  • Professional Developer

A detailed guide to creating a plan for your interview preparation.

I was job hunting recently and went through 50+ interviews and have received 5 great offers. 3 of them are from unicorns in India. Having been gone through the phase of job search in this competitive market, I wanted to share all the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained through these interviews. I’m sure my experiences are very helpful for many people who are trying to find their first job or switch to their dream company.

Before we start I want to clarify that this is not a quick tips article to get a job. Cracking interviews is difficult and you…

Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn a little extra money on the side and it can even replace your 9–5 job and give you the freedom you always wanted.

I decided to write this blog since so many people showed interest on this topic on twitter:

This blog is basically a little more elaborate version of the tweet.

Just to give you context, I’am a Computer Science graduate, working as a software developer from past 6 years. Even though I had lot of experience with different programming languages like Python, Golang, Java, HTML / CSS /…

Message queues are one of the critical components in any software architecture which helps different components talk to each other asynchronously. In this article let’s discuss what message queues are, how they’re used in modern architecture, and what problems do they solve.

Let’s say you want to withdraw some money from an ATM. An ATM machine can only allow one person to do transactions at a time. In this case, what do you do when you see there’s a person already using the ATM machine? …

I work as a senior software developer at a startup. We mainly provide APIs to integrate voice and sms services into applications. So naturally our complete infrastructure is on a cloud provider, which in our case is AWS.

For someone who has not worked on managing infrastructure on cloud, it can be very difficult to understand different components involved in building scalable applications. For me personally, I didn’t know anything about AWS concepts before I started woking here. In the last 2.5 years I’ve learnt so much on AWS and knowing the importance of learning these concepts, I decided to…

Today I’m releasing the next version of Form Filler. A chrome extension which helps you to store frequently used data like Email, Password, Credit card number, CVV, Github username, Twitter username etc in your browser and access it on any webpage to fill input fields by just right clicking on it and selecting from the list of items available.

Back in 2015, I was frustrated by having to enter the same data again on again while signing up for different websites or when filling forms online. So i thought of this idea of storing the information once and access it…

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